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Fixtures and Results for Current Season
Tuesday23/04/2019Wandsworth Common John Archer Way
Game of Throws @ Tornadoes (Umpires: Bat to the Future)21 - 33(W)
Wednesday01/05/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Chargers @ Game of Throws (Umpires: London Raiders Blue)13 - 12(W)
Tuesday07/05/2019Blackhorse Road
Game of Throws @ Meteors Red (Umpires: Tecumsehs)26 - 12(W)
Tuesday14/05/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Umpiring: Cheetahs @ Thundercats
Wednesday15/05/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
London Raiders Red @ Game of Throws (Umpires: Bat to the Future)49 - 10(W)
Wednesday29/05/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Bat to the Future @ Game of Throws (Umpires: Pimlico Pirates)28 - 8(W)
Thursday30/05/2019Blackhorse Road
Umpiring: OddSox @ Meteors Purple
Thursday06/06/2019Colliers Wood Recreation Groun
Game of Throws @ Badgers (Umpires: Cheetahs)12 - 18(W)
Thursday20/06/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Umpiring: Badgers @ London Raiders Red
Tuesday25/06/2019Wandsworth Common John Archer Way
Umpiring: Chargers @ Tornadoes
Wednesday26/06/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Meteors Red @ Game of Throws (Umpires: Tornadoes)20 - 12(W)
Thursday04/07/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Game of Throws @ London Raiders Red (Umpires: Soft Boiled)6 - 32(W)
Wednesday10/07/2019Boston Manor Playing Fields
Umpiring: Meteors Red @ Chargers
Thursday11/07/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Badgers @ Game of Throws (Umpires: Base Jumpers)16 - 8(W)
Thursday18/07/2019Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Game of Throws @ Bat to the Future (Umpires: Tecumsehs)13 - 24(W)
Tuesday23/07/2019Blackhorse Road
Umpiring: London Raiders Red @ Meteors Red
Thursday25/07/2019Boston Manor Playing Fields
Game of Throws @ Chargers (Umpires: Bat to the Future)16 - 10(L)
Monday29/07/2019Blackhorse Road
Umpiring: Thundercats @ OddSox
Tuesday30/07/2019Regents Park
Game of Throws @ Base Jumpers (Umpires: Meteors Red)0 - 7(W)
Tuesday06/08/2019Blackhorse Road
Game of Throws @ Soft Boiled (Umpires: Richmond Swingers)8 - 12(W)
Tuesday13/08/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Base Jumpers @ Game of Throws (Umpires: Cheetahs)13 - 12(W)
Wednesday14/08/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Tornadoes @ Game of Throws (Umpires: Bat to the Future)11 - 7(W)
Thursday15/08/2019Colliers Wood Recreation Groun
Umpiring: Meteors Red @ Badgers
Wednesday21/08/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Soft Boiled @ Game of Throws (Umpires: Badgers)8 - 30(L)
Game of Throws11974233
Game of Throws62210213
London Raiders Red050510
Game of Throws16258 X 49
Bat to the Future03508
Game of Throws2422028
Game of Throws133163118
Meteors Red014601012
Game of Throws5210102 X 20
Game of Throws54131032
London Raiders Red41106
Game of Throws261340 X 16
Game of Throws533530524
Bat to the Future200310713
Game of Throws202510010
Chargers622501 X 16
Game of Throws11111117
Base Jumpers00000000
Game of Throws030112512
Soft Boiled50201008
Base Jumpers520103112
Game of Throws002513213
Game of Throws04005211
Soft Boiled40491330
Game of Throws041038
Current Season Information
Current Season Position: 1
Current Season Record: Won 14, Lost 2, Drawn 0

Positions During Current Season


Last 3 GamesThis SeasonAll Time
Average Scored :10.6720.0020.68
Average Conceded :16.3311.6910.90
Average Points :2.002.632.34
Biggest Win :11 - 749 - 1047 - 5
Biggest Loss :8 - 308 - 300 - 22

Previous Seasons
London Softball League - 2018 - Minors Div 2
London Softball League - 2017 - Minors Div 2
London Softball League - 2016 - Minors Div 3

Statistics for Game of Throws for this season

No statistics exist for this team for this season of this league