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Fixtures and Results for Current Season
Wednesday02/05/2018Colliers Wood Recreation Groun
London Tigers @ Pimlico Buccaneers (Umpires: Badgers)16 - 13(W)
Tuesday08/05/2018Blackhorse Road
Pimlico Buccaneers @ Soft Boiled (Umpires: Knight Sliders)31 - 15(L)
Thursday10/05/2018Old Deer Park, Richmond
Umpiring: The Voodoos @ Richmond Swingers
Wednesday16/05/2018Colliers Wood Recreation Groun
Bat to the Future @ Pimlico Buccaneers (Umpires: London Tigers)23 - 35(L)
Monday21/05/2018Finsbury Park
Umpiring: The Jets @ Knight Sliders
Tuesday22/05/2018Regents Park
Pimlico Buccaneers @ Base Jumpers (Umpires: London Raiders Green)17 - 22(L)
Wednesday30/05/2018Colliers Wood Recreation Groun
Disco Inferno @ Pimlico Buccaneers (Umpires: Knights)22 - 15(W)
Wednesday06/06/2018Wandsworth Common John Archer Way
Umpiring: London Raiders Orange @ BYOB
Wednesday13/06/2018Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Pimlico Buccaneers @ Game of Throws (Umpires: Golden Sombreros)11 - 3(L)
Tuesday19/06/2018Regents Park
Pimlico Buccaneers @ London Tigers (Umpires: Golden Sombreros)8 - 25(W)
Thursday21/06/2018Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Umpiring: Base Jumpers @ Bat to the Future
Wednesday27/06/2018Colliers Wood Recreation Groun
Soft Boiled @ Pimlico Buccaneers (Umpires: Golden Sombreros)9 - 26(L)
Tuesday03/07/2018Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Umpiring: BYOB @ Brew Jays
Thursday05/07/2018Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Pimlico Buccaneers @ Bat to the Future (Umpires: High Voltage)17 - 16(L)
Monday16/07/2018Finsbury Park
Umpiring: Banditos @ Knight Sliders
Tuesday17/07/2018Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Pimlico Buccaneers @ Disco Inferno (Umpires: The Mafia)10 - 25(W)
Wednesday25/07/2018Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Umpiring: Disco Inferno @ Game of Throws
Tuesday31/07/2018Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Umpiring: Golden Sombreros @ Disco Inferno
Wednesday01/08/2018Colliers Wood Recreation Groun
Game of Throws @ Pimlico Buccaneers (Umpires: Base Jumpers)17 - 15(W)
Thursday09/08/2018Blackhorse Road
Pimlico Buccaneers @ Golden Sombreros (Umpires: Soft Boiled)14 - 24(W)
Wednesday15/08/2018Colliers Wood Recreation Groun
Knights @ Pimlico Buccaneers (Umpires: Bat to the Future)8 - 21(L)
Tuesday21/08/2018Regents Park
Umpiring: London Tigers @ Base Jumpers
Wednesday22/08/2018Colliers Wood Recreation Groun
Golden Sombreros @ Pimlico Buccaneers (Umpires: Disco Inferno)20 - 6(W)
Tuesday28/08/2018Finsbury Park
Pimlico Buccaneers @ Knights (Umpires: Game of Throws)12 - 16(W)
Thursday06/09/2018Colliers Wood Recreation Groun
Base Jumpers @ Pimlico Buccaneers (Umpires: Disco Inferno)6 - 12(L)
Pimlico Buccaneers2510715
Soft Boiled20124431
Bat to the Future411635635
Pimlico Buccaneers420512023
Disco Inferno081012315
Pimlico Buccaneers0113440 X 22
Pimlico Buccaneers11100003
Game of Throws310151 X 11
Pimlico Buccaneers30631325
London Tigers310138
Soft Boiled31056226
Pimlico Buccaneers004509
Pimlico Buccaneers360111416
Bat to the Future105145117
Pimlico Buccaneers640440725
Disco Inferno012230210
Game of Throws551003115
Pimlico Buccaneers201242617
Pimlico Buccaneers55224624
Golden Sombreros13041514
Golden Sombreros310026
Pimlico Buccaneers5654 X 20
Pimlico Buccaneers3034616
Current Season Information
Current Season Position: 5
Current Season Record: Won 8, Lost 8, Drawn 0

Positions During Current Season


Last 3 GamesThis SeasonAll Time
Average Scored :19.3316.3816.19
Average Conceded :7.6716.7515.98
Average Points :3.001.501.69
Biggest Win :18 - 325 - 825 - 8
Biggest Loss :No losses9 - 261 - 21

Previous Seasons
SeasonPositionRecord (W/L/D)
London Softball League - 2019 - Minors Div 2313/3/0
London Softball League - 2017 - Minors Div 276/10/0

Statistics for Pimlico Buccaneers for this season

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