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Fixtures and Results for Current Season
Tuesday23/04/2019Wandsworth Common John Archer Way
Umpiring: Game of Throws @ Tornadoes
Thursday25/04/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Bat to the Future @ London Raiders Red (Umpires: Badgers)5 - 20(W)
Thursday09/05/2019Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Soft Boiled @ Bat to the Future (Umpires: Pimlico Pirates)16 - 18(L)
Wednesday15/05/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Umpiring: London Raiders Red @ Game of Throws
Thursday16/05/2019Colliers Wood Recreation Groun
Bat to the Future @ Badgers (Umpires: Soft Boiled)35 - 36(W)
Thursday23/05/2019Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Base Jumpers @ Bat to the Future (Umpires: Chargers)16 - 15(W)
Tuesday28/05/2019Blackhorse Road
Umpiring: Meteors Red @ Soft Boiled
Wednesday29/05/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Bat to the Future @ Game of Throws (Umpires: Pimlico Pirates)28 - 8(L)
Thursday06/06/2019Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Tornadoes @ Bat to the Future (Umpires: Base Jumpers)9 - 14(L)
Tuesday25/06/2019Blackhorse Road
Bat to the Future @ Soft Boiled (Umpires: Meteors Red)13 - 5(L)
Thursday27/06/2019Wandsworth Common John Archer Way
Umpiring: Cheetahs @ Pimlico Pirates
Thursday04/07/2019Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Badgers @ Bat to the Future (Umpires: Meteors Purple)14 - 27(L)
Monday08/07/2019Regents Park
Bat to the Future @ Base Jumpers (Umpires: London Raiders Red)7 - 21(L)
Tuesday16/07/2019Blackhorse Road
Umpiring: Soft Boiled @ Meteors Red
Thursday18/07/2019Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Game of Throws @ Bat to the Future (Umpires: Tecumsehs)13 - 24(L)
Tuesday23/07/2019Wandsworth Common John Archer Way
Bat to the Future @ Tornadoes (Umpires: Cheetahs)0 - 7(W)
Wednesday24/07/2019Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Umpiring: London Raiders Blue @ Tecumsehs
Thursday25/07/2019Boston Manor Playing Fields
Umpiring: Game of Throws @ Chargers
Thursday01/08/2019Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Chargers @ Bat to the Future (Umpires: OddSox)20 - 20(D)
Tuesday06/08/2019Blackhorse Road
Bat to the Future @ Meteors Red (Umpires: Chargers)12 - 13(L)
Thursday08/08/2019Boston Manor Playing Fields
Bat to the Future @ Chargers (Umpires: Meteors Red)14 - 13(W)
Wednesday14/08/2019Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Rd
Umpiring: Tornadoes @ Game of Throws
Thursday15/08/2019Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
London Raiders Red @ Bat to the Future (Umpires: Tornadoes)20 - 21(L)
Thursday22/08/2019Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Meteors Red @ Bat to the Future (Umpires: Tornadoes)12 - 6(W)
Bat to the Future016090420
London Raiders Red00310015
Soft Boiled401245218
Bat to the Future911021216
Bat to the Future97146036
Base Jumpers051105315
Bat to the Future2100121016
Bat to the Future03508
Game of Throws2422028
Bat to the Future14201019
Bat to the Future01011025
Soft Boiled030730 X 13
Bat to the Future012420514
Game of Throws533530524
Bat to the Future200310713
Bat to the Future11111117
London Raiders Red1301321121
Bat to the Future3040112020
Current Season Information
Current Season Position: 6
Current Season Record: Won 6, Lost 9, Drawn 1

Positions During Current Season


Last 3 GamesThis SeasonAll Time
Average Scored :15.3314.3116.51
Average Conceded :13.3317.0618.61
Average Points :
Biggest Win :12 - 620 - 539 - 4
Biggest Loss :20 - 218 - 28-2 - 49

Previous Seasons
London Softball League - 2018 - Minors Div 2
London Indoor Softball League (LISL) - 2017 - Winter - Rec Division
London Indoor Softball League (LISL) - 2017 - Rec 2
London Softball League - 2017 - Minors Div 3
London Indoor Softball League (LISL) - 2016 - Winter - Rec 2
London Softball League - 2016 - Minors Div 3
London Indoor Softball League (LISL) - 2015 - Winter - Rec Division
London Indoor Softball League - FINALS - 2015 - Winter - Rec Group
London Softball League - 2015 - Minors Div 3

Statistics for Bat to the Future for this season

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Elliott Josypenko46101161200100000003402800453998460.8672.1780.8700000000.0001.00000.0000000000000000000000.0000.00000000.0000