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Before you can apply to join the team "Tecumsehs" you must register with the BSF by filling out the form below:

Personal Information

  • Please ensure you enter a valid email address. We will send an email containing a validation link to this address which you must click on in order to complete your registration.

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Softball Experience

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    Please tell us if you have any previous experience of playing softball. Don't be modest if you have played before - based on the information you give us here, we will put you in touch with teams who may be interested in recruiting you.

  • ##SportsAndPositions##

    There are two types of softball played in this country:

    • Slowpitch - The ball is pitched in a slow arc to the batter and is easy to hit,. Most slowpitch softball, the most popular form of the sport in the UK, is played by mixed-sex teams, with equal numbers of men and women on the field, making it an ideal social and recreational game -- though it is also played on a more competitive level.
    • Fastpitch - This is the main international competition format in softball, played primarily by women's teams, but also by men. The ball is pitched underarm but at high speed to the batter, so this is a more challenging format, full of tactics and strategy and great fun.

    Both slowpitch and fastpitch softball are played in indoor sports halls over the winter. This fast and frantic version of the game is a great way to stay in shape during the off-season.

    For a full description of softball formats, please visit

Your Location and Availability

  • ##Regions##

    Click on a region name to see a map of the venues within that region

    You can later refine the areas you are interested in playing to include only certain venues.

    If there do not appear to be any venues in your region, please still indicate that you would be keen to play in that region, as we are always interested in finding out where demand for softball is high!

  • On some occassions, teams in your region may be short of players. If you choose to be registered as a "fill in", teams may contact you on days they are short to ask you to fill in for them.

    Teams will not be given access to your personal information, and if they wish to contact you they will only be able to do so via this website. We will send you an email or an SMS containing their contact details on their behalf.

    You can change your answer to this question via your profile at a later date.

What happens next?

You will first need to confirm your email address, and then the organisers of the team "Tecumsehs" will be sent an email detailing your request to join their team. They can then choose to accept or reject your application, and you will receive an email informing you of their decision.