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Fixtures and Results for Current Season
Wednesday11/05/2011Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Umpiring: London Tigers @ Tecumsehs
Tuesday17/05/2011Regents Park
Fat Cats @ London Tigers (Umpires: Richmond Swingers)9 - 10(L)
Wednesday18/05/2011Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Umpiring: Pimlico Pirates @ Tecumsehs
Monday23/05/2011Finsbury Park
Richmond Swingers @ Fat Cats (Umpires: Mezcalitos Ninos)8 - 24(L)
Tuesday31/05/2011Regents Park
Fat Cats @ Intellect Hawks (Umpires: Pimlico Pirates)19 - 1(L)
Wednesday01/06/2011Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Umpiring: Base Jumpers @ Tecumsehs
Monday06/06/2011Finsbury Park
Tecumsehs @ Fat Cats (Umpires: Pimlico Pirates)13 - 26(L)
Wednesday08/06/2011Old Deer Park, Richmond
Umpiring: Intellect Hawks @ Richmond Swingers
Wednesday15/06/2011Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Umpiring: Richmond Swingers @ Tecumsehs
Thursday16/06/2011Wandsworth Common John Archer Way
Fat Cats @ Pimlico Pirates (Umpires: Base Jumpers)0 - 7(L)
Monday20/06/2011Finsbury Park
London Raiders Green @ Fat Cats (Umpires: Tecumsehs)8 - 20(L)
Thursday23/06/2011Regents Park
Fat Cats @ Base Jumpers (Umpires: Pimlico Pirates)7 - 8(L)
Monday27/06/2011Clapham South
Fat Cats @ London Raiders Green (Umpires: Tecumsehs)18 - 13(L)
Wednesday29/06/2011Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Umpiring: Intellect Hawks @ Tecumsehs
Monday04/07/2011Finsbury Park
Base Jumpers @ Fat Cats (Umpires: Tecumsehs)4 - 10(L)
Monday11/07/2011Finsbury Park
London Tigers @ Fat Cats (Umpires: OddSox)11 - 10(W)
Wednesday20/07/2011Old Deer Park, Richmond
Fat Cats @ Richmond Swingers (Umpires: Secret Agents - Private I's)19 - 4(L)
Monday25/07/2011Finsbury Park
Intellect Hawks @ Fat Cats (Umpires: Tecumsehs)1 - 17(L)
Tuesday02/08/2011Regents Park
Umpiring: London Raiders Green @ London Tigers
Wednesday03/08/2011Clissold Park, Stoke Newington
Fat Cats @ Tecumsehs (Umpires: Pimlico Pirates)0 - 7(L)
Monday08/08/2011Finsbury Park
Pimlico Pirates @ Fat Cats (Umpires: Tecumsehs)0 - 7(L)
Tuesday06/09/2011Parliament Hill
Umpiring: The Voodoos @ Hampstead Heat
Richmond Swingers270339024
Fat Cats05111008
Fat Cats010001
Intellect Hawks2098 X 19
Fat Cats412020413
London Raiders Green165032320
Fat Cats02300218
Fat Cats310350113
London Raiders Green1401111 X 18
Fat Cats111014
Richmond Swingers5732219
Intellect Hawks0817117
Fat Cats010001
Current Season Information
Current Season Position: 8
Current Season Record: Won 1, Lost 13, Drawn 0

Positions During Current Season


Last 3 GamesThis SeasonAll Time
Average Scored :0.335.6412.27
Average Conceded :10.3314.4314.36
Average Points :-0.330.071.07
Biggest Win :No wins11 - 1022 - 0
Biggest Loss :1 - 171 - 193 - 34

Previous Seasons
London Softball League - 2010 - GLSML - Minors Div 3
London Softball League - 2009 - Div 5
London Softball League - 2008 - Div 6

Statistics for Fat Cats for this season

No statistics exist for this team for this season of this league