London Indoor Softball League (LISL) - 2019 - Current Fixtures - (Standings)

DayDateTimePlaying AreaTeams
Saturday23/03/201912:30Pitch 1Knights @ Scratch Rec(Umpires: Meteors)
Saturday23/03/201912:30Pitch 2Diamond Dogs @ Pork and Pitchers(Umpires: Meteors)
Saturday23/03/201913:00Pitch 1Scratch Rec @ Diamond Dogs(Umpires: Pork and Pitchers)
Saturday23/03/201913:00Pitch 2Meteors @ Knights(Umpires: Pork and Pitchers)
Saturday23/03/201913:30Pitch 1Scratch Rec @ Meteors(Umpires: Diamond Dogs)
Saturday23/03/201913:30Pitch 2Pork and Pitchers @ Knights(Umpires: Diamond Dogs)
Saturday23/03/201914:00Pitch 1Diamond Dogs @ Scratch Rec(Umpires: Meteors)
Saturday23/03/201914:00Pitch 2Pork and Pitchers @ Knights(Umpires: Meteors)
Saturday23/03/201914:30Pitch 1Knights @ Diamond Dogs(Umpires: Pork and Pitchers)
Saturday23/03/201914:30Pitch 2Scratch Rec @ Meteors(Umpires: Pork and Pitchers)
Saturday23/03/201915:00Pitch 1Meteors @ Knights(Umpires: Scratch Rec)
Saturday23/03/201915:00Pitch 2Diamond Dogs @ Pork and Pitchers(Umpires: Scratch Rec)
Saturday23/03/201915:30Pitch 1Pork and Pitchers @ Meteors(Umpires: Diamond Dogs)
Saturday23/03/201915:30Pitch 2Knights @ Scratch Rec(Umpires: Diamond Dogs)
Saturday23/03/201916:00Pitch 1Scratch Rec @ Pork and Pitchers(Umpires: Knights)
Saturday23/03/201916:00Pitch 2Meteors @ Diamond Dogs(Umpires: Knights)