Greater London Softball Mixed League

Co-Ed Slowpitch League
Season started 01/01/2017

The GLSML is the largest open slowpitch softball league in the country, with 48 teams over six divisions. The divisions are split into Majors and Minors, with three divisions at each level. The GLSML is the only Open League in the Greater London area, meaning that new teams are welcome irrespective of background or affiliation. We aim to strike a balance between fun and competition, by promoting a community ethos as well as offering training and development opportunities for players and umpires.

The GLSML season is typically 14 games long and runs from May to August. At the end of each season the top and bottom two teams in each division are promoted/relegated.

In addition to the league, the GLSML organises two Saturday tournaments during the season for league teams: Firstball in May and Lastball in August. Many of our teams also compete in the other tournaments that fill each summer. At the end of the season, the GLSML All-Star Day features players nominated by each team in a series of North London vs South London matches.

For new players, the GLSML offers Development Nights on Mondays in Regent's Park, where those interested to learn softball are taught the basics of the game. The intention is to create a new team to compete in the Lastball tournament in August and to enter the Minors the following year. This has proved a great way to introduce people to the game. If you are interested contact

New teams and new players should contact

Prospective new teams are encouraged to contact the league over the winter and to attend our AGM in February. The deadline for registration is mid-March. New teams will normally join the lowest Minors division, but can apply to enter at the lowest Majors level if they have experience - entry will be subject to an evaluation. 

For general league queries please contact or visit our website -